Robin and Eric

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Our Story

Eric and Robin met while both working for the same company, different locations, at a special event. They instantly thought the other was cute and proceeded to spend any down time getting to know each other. Robin noticed Eric was due to be heading home and did not want to miss the chance at her date with him, so she told him he should take her to their county fair. (Eric agreed.) From there they shared a love of going to Disneyland - their first "official" date, - snowboarding, and simply spending time together.

For the proposal Eric decided to make it memorable by taking Robin back to their first date and anniversary spot, the Blue Bayou at Disneyland. After being nervous the whole day walking around the park with the ring in his backpack he could finally "relax" when they went to dinner. When the waiter brought a special dessert plate with the words "Robin, Will you marry me?" Eric got down on one knee in the restaurant to ask the big question. Robin was too distracted by the light up box her ring was in to actually answer in a timely fashion. (She said yes.)

Nikkol Christiansen